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Unique offer with High Exchange Rate for early customers.


Native Format

High CRT for integration with Organic Information Blocks!


Safety for Website!

Integration via Verified WordPress Plugin on your webpages without any tracking js


Social Related Content

Recommendations according to the interests of the audience.

Traffic Exchange Service

✔️ Brings a new target audience

✔️ Solves editorial problems

✔️ Promote content in certain segments

✔️ Monitors the purity of traffic.


Related Content Service

✔️ Keeps the attention with the most popular editorial materials

✔️ Increases audience loyalty with their relevant selection

✔️ Increasing the user's time spent on the media site


Monetization Service (soon...)

• Media buys news and thematic traffic

• Places native ads

• Sells traffic for editorial content and special projects

• Sells traffic for long reads and promotional articles


Who is suitable case?

Technology and Finance Media

Expanse of influence your editors in technology vertical outside your media. Automating the selection of headings by efficiency. Simple Integration.

Startups and HiTech Companies

Engage interested audience with native article format. Best place to share your ideas in mulitple targeted media sources. Easy start and dashboard stats.

Web Masters and Media Agencies

Quiality traffic from native sources for any targets. High CTR and bot prevention with regular inventory revisions. Free with traffic exchange widgets.

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